Age Concern – Contract Administration & Structural Engineering

The development is a commercial facility located within the heart of Chelmsford city centre, providing meals and companionship to elderly and disabled residents. The scheme included constructing additional, flexible floorspace above the existing premises along with alterations to the existing property. The client desired to increase capacity for the charity’s activities and improve commercial letting viability, commissioning modernisation and inclusivity of existing areas with energy efficient lighting and provision of regulatory compliant facilities.

The construction works included an extension above the existing flat roof within a vaulted ceiling space, fabrication and installation of a timber staircase and new lift, a commercial holding kitchen with associated mechanical, electrical, and decorative works. The existing property underwent installation of new fire doors, creation of compliant toilet facilities, internal layout alterations, new lighting design, replacement with a new commercial spec kitchen and full redecoration.

The HCS Contract Administration team worked to manage the expectations of the client to create the 52% increased floorspace. Professional communication during design changes aided in facing the challenges faced to ensure statutory compliance as well as advising the client of financial and contractual implications and status. Through a phased programme, works were delivered to allow partial re-occupation of completed areas, namely the kitchen space to allow resuming the charity’s activity.

HCS Structural Engineers were commissioned to design elements including the lift pit, steelwork and connection between new structures and existing.

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