Avoid a Party Wall Dispute With These Top Five Tips

June 7, 2024

Our Top Five Tips on How to Avoid a Party Wall Dispute

The Top Five Tips to Avoid a Party Wall Dispute

If you are planning to undertake works that affect a shared wall or you are building or digging near a neighbour’s property, you will need an experienced Party Wall Surveyor to help the process run as smoothly as possible and avoid any future problems. Or if you have been served a Party Wall Notice by your neighbour, we can act as your Adjoining Owner’s Surveyor should you need it.

Here are our top five tips for avoiding a Party Wall Dispute with your neighbour:

Communication: It is important to maintain good communication from the very start. If you keep an honest and open dialogue with your neighbour at the beginning of planning, then it gives you both an opportunity to discuss and address any issues either party might have.

Understand the Party Wall Act: It is important to understand what the Act is so that both you and your neighbour understand each parties’ rights and responsibilities.

Get Professional Advice: Seek advice from a qualified surveyor or architect that has experience in this field. They will be able to provide guidance, identify legal requirements, and highlight potential issues that may arise.

Serve a Valid Notice: If the work you have proposed falls under the Party Wall Act, then you need to serve your neighbour with the appropriate notice. It is important that all criteria’s in the Act are met and the notice is valid. It highlights the rights that you, as a building owner, have the right to exercise. It also informs your neighbour of their own rights in the process. For example, they are able to appoint their own surveyor to oversee the work.

Document everything: Finally, you want to document everything, whether this be a verbal conversation, formal notices, or any agreements made. We recommend taking photos before, during, and after the work is carried out to monitor if any damages arise in the process.

As specialist Party Wall Surveyors, with both domestic and commercial experience, we can help with everything from serving notices to helping with disputes, either as part of a package with other services or on its own.

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