Level 3 Home Surveys and Technical Due Diligence

Uncover the hidden secrets of any property

Building Surveys & Technical Due Diligence

Purchase any property with total peace of mind and a full understanding of what you are buying – even those hidden problems the seller might not even be aware of. Our experts can give you all the information you need to make an informed decision, so there are no surprises after you have completed. Working for both businesses, organisations and private residents, we have built a wealth of experience in delivering exactly what our customers need – an accurate, efficient and professional surveying service, backed by a friendly team who are always on your side.

Residential Building Level 3 Home Surveys

As experienced Chartered Surveyors we offer a choice of residential Building Surveys for any building type, however old or new. You have the option of a standard RICS Building Survey or our own bespoke Level 3 Survey, which is tailored specifically to you and the property, giving you much more detail and focusing on the things that really matter.

Whichever you choose, our surveys are carried out by qualified surveyors to help uncover any issues, problems and defects to a property, and outline your options to remedy both minor and major faults. We will identify structural movement, damp, insulation, issues with timber, cracks, drainage, fittings and services, as well as external areas, so you can buy with confidence knowing exactly what secrets a property is hiding before the sale goes through.

Commercial Due Diligence Surveys

If you are interested in industrial or commercial premises, we can provide Commercial Due Diligence Surveys, uncovering all the relevant information you need as an investor or buyer. In doing this we can help you limit your risks and make confident business decisions based on our professional insights and recommendations.

Building Surveys and Due Diligence Surveys are essential if you are thinking of investing in an older property, listed building or a property constructed in an unusual way – or if they’ve been structurally altered in the past. When making such a significant investment, it pays to trust the experts with specific commercial experience, like our knowledgeable team at Howe Chartered Surveyors.

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An accurate, efficient and professional surveying service

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A comprehensive report on the structure of the property including any defects

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Repair and maintenance options and costs

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Help with local planning issues and listed building status etc.

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