Licence to Alter

Expert advice when altering someone else’s property

If you are a tenant (commercial or residential), freeholder, property manager or established leaseholder and wish to make alterations to the property, you will need to consider the terms of the lease agreement, as there may be restrictions in place. Plus you will probably need your landlord’s consent before making any changes. In all cases, you should have the proper paperwork in place to avoid any complications once the work has been carried out.

What you need to consider

In order to make the landlord aware of any alterations, you will need to supply drawings and plans outlining the proposed alterations. Once the landlord is in agreement, then consent will be given in the form of a Licence to Alter. Most Licences to Alter will require you to put the building back to its original condition upon termination of the lease. If any alterations diminish the value of the property a Landlord has a valid claim for recompense.

Any alterations to the property will need to be considered when entering into a new lease to ensure that the cost of any improvements you make are not reflected in any rent increase imposed by the landlord.

Our experts can help:

Assistance with the review of leases and covenants relating to Licence to Alter

Help with requisite plans and drawings

Act as a mediator between tenants and landlords

Assist with the drafting of the Licence to Alter

Advice on alteration costs

Ensure all alterations are carried out as per the Licence to Alter

Assist with the drafting of new leases


Expert help and guidance with any aspect of Licence to Alter applications

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