Section 20 Major Works

Applying Section 20 the right way

Section 20 Major Works

If you are not already familiar, Section 20 is part of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985 that aims to protect tenants from paying large, unexpected bills for work carried on their buildings. Which is a good thing for leaseholders, but if procedures are not carried out correctly, could see landlords thousands of pounds out of pocket.

If Section 20 regulations are not followed, and tenants are not consulted, their contribution could be capped at £250 regardless of the true cost of renovations or repairs.

We’re the experts so you don’t have to be

So, to avoid being caught out by Section 20, it’s important to do things by the book – and that’s where our expert team can help. We have extensive experience of managing Section 20 works within central London and all across the UK – giving you peace of mind that work is carried out on time, within budget and in compliance with legislation and the contract.

Communication is a key part of Section 20, and we have the experience to manage everything for you – so there are no surprises at any stage, for either you or your tenants.

As part of the consultation process, it’s vital to understand the extent of required works – taking into account, statutory compliant works (fire safety etc), repair of failing elements (including window replacements and façade repairs) and cyclical redecorations or upgrades to decorative features.

Our expert eye will identify all the work required, taking into account electrical testing reports or fire risk assessments, and producing a specification of works and complementary budget estimates.

Armed with this knowledge we will support property managers and Landlords, from consultation events and the tender process to snagging and the end of the contract.

Our role as contract administrator acts as an impartial project manager, seeing the works from inception to completion, ensuring communication between the project team and stakeholders is considered, whilst monitoring progress, compliance, and project costs.

A totally joined up service

Plus, as well as helping you navigate the complex world of Section 20, we can also help with a number of complementary services, including structural engineering, design and interior design – offering multiple options and mood boards to help you realise your creative vision.

We can help at every stage of your renovation – from consultation and the tender process to managing multiple trades on site and ensuring work is carried out to our high standards.

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