Defect Diagnosis

Get to the bottom of any problem

If you are a property owner or landlord of a residential, commercial or industrial building and you suspect there is a problem or defect with your property, we can help identify any issues and offer practical, expert advice on the best way to rectify them – or recommend further investigation if necessary. Defects come in all shapes and sizes, but with our efficient diagnosis service we’ll help you resolve any issues as quickly as possible.

Internal and external defects uncovered quickly

We have the experience to get to the bottom of any issue, and are experts at recommending cost-effective solutions to tricky problems. External problems typically include leaking roofs, problems with windows and glazing, and issues with cladding, guttering or foundations. Internal problems may include flooring, walls, damp, pipes and electrical wiring to name but a few. But whatever your defect, our experts can help you diagnose the problem and its cause, so you can rectify it before it gets worse.

Save money with quick defect analysis

Defects can occur during construction or at any time during a building’s lifetime, which if left unchecked can escalate the problem further, have serious knock-on effects and significantly increase the costs of rectification. The sooner these defects are diagnosed and dealt with the better – so for advice, reassurance and total peace of mind, speak to our experts at Howe Chartered Surveyors at the first sign of any problems.

We can also help with any concerns you have about workmanship, if you are worried work has been done incorrectly or below the standards you were expecting, during a project or once your contractor has left site. Our experts are on your side to offer their independent, professional opinion and advice to help you better understand the situation and whether further action is needed.

The sooner we diagnose your defects the better

Invite us to your site to identify, analyse and compile an initial report on the nature of the problem

We will then advise ways in which the defect can be successfully remedied and the options available to you

Our experts can advise on costs associated with various options, allowing you to budget accordingly

We can oversee the repair/maintenance of the defect

We will guide you through the process, providing advice and assistance along the way, keeping you involved at every step until the work is completed

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