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The health and safety of those living in and or working on your property should be your number one priority. An accident or injury on site can cause major problems, especially if correct procedures have not been followed. The Construction, Design and Management (CDM) Regulations now apply to all construction works, both domestic and commercial projects, regardless of the duration or number of operatives on site. But with so many aspects to consider it’s important to have experts on hand who can help you understand and fulfil your health & safety obligations to everyone on site.

The key aim of The CDM Regulations is to integrate health & safety into the design and management of the project in a collaborative effort. Working as your Principal Designer, our experts will coordinate all health & safety and risk management information during the design and construction phases of your project, to ensure compliance with requirements under The CDM Regulations 2015. We will also advise on the appointment of competent designers and contractors, as well as management issues.

Safe from the very start

It is wise to appoint a Principal Designer at the earliest stage possible, as this will ensure better coordination and greater peace of mind for you and the other duty holders. Our involvement throughout the design and planning stages can help avoid the potential for increased costs and delays associated with reworking designs due to health & safety matters.

Expert help to protect yourself and everyone on site

Health and Safety

We can advise you on your duties and all health & safety matters

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We’ll help plan, manage and monitor the pre-construction phase of your project – identifying, eliminating or controlling foreseeable risks


Through coordination and cooperation, we’ll ensure designers carry out their duties

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We’ll prepare and provide relevant design and health & safety information to other duty holders in preparation for the construction phase of your project

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We can notify and update the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) of your project, if and when required


We’ll liaise with the Principal Contractor throughout the construction phase


And prepare and update the Health & Safety File for issue on completion of your project

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