Rent Reviews

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In addition to providing independent landlord and tenant advice, our team of expert surveyors are more than happy to assist with rent reviews.

As a landlord, if you are currently entering into a lease or renewal of a lease or are a tenant paying rent and need expert advice, then please ask us for assistance.

The rent review clause

Most leases will now have a rent review clause in them, which allows for the rental value of the property to be reconsidered roughly every three to five years. The rent review clause traditionally sets out when each review will take place, how the review will be conducted, items to be taken into consideration when valuing a property and procedures for dealing with disputes should they arise.

In order to calculate any increases in rent, the best method is simply to revalue the property under current market conditions. This can avoid financial loss, disputes in agreeing rent charges or termination of a lease.

Get the best price for your property

Whether you need assistance with drafting a rent review clause or would like your property re-valued for rental purposes or any aspect of rent reviews, we can help:

Assistance with drafting leases and clauses specifically relating to rent reviews in line with current legislation


Re-value the property as per current market stipulations

Provide a written re-valuation report for rental and insurance purposes

Provide expert assistance and guidance through the rent review process

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