Work Experience at HCS | A Super Sweet Review

Natasha Howe BSc(Hons) MRICS | Associate Director

July 24, 2019

Work Experience at HCS

With the summer school holidays approaching, HCS welcomed one student, of The Ongar Academy, to our team for a week’s work experience in the world of Building Surveying before venturing on to the six-week break.

Under the supervision of two of our senior surveyors, the student was able to gain a taste of the role, based both in the office and out around a number of our live project sites. Many of us at HCS also undertook work experience and placements, during school and university studies, to help steer us in to this career path. This ignited our commitment to ensuring that our guest gained the best experience possible during their week.

Our work experience student gave us the following insight to their week with us:

‘During this week I enjoyed the fact that I was both in and out of the office. I really liked the fact that almost all aspects of the job were covered for me in just one week.

One of my favourite activities was shadowing two HomeBuyer surveys, being out of the office and watching first-hand how a surveyor does their job.

During my week I visited multiple sites around the Shenfield area and across London to do multiple things including shadowing a progress site inspection of a car park surfacing project, a BOPAS (Build Offsite Property Assurance Scheme) monitoring inspection and HomeBuyer surveys.

I enjoyed the office atmosphere; it was quiet and calm. Everyone in the office was very friendly and helped me throughout the week, trying to arrange as much as possible for me to do to enjoy my week and cover varying aspects of the job.

I feel through my week I gained the basic knowledge of the job and would be able to tell people what the job is and what it is about.

Following my week at HCS I learnt that I liked the balance of being out of the office in a working week, meeting new people and understanding what their jobs are. I also enjoyed the office environment and learning how the office operates.

Thank you all again for giving me the opportunity to do my work experience at HCS.’

In all, a great experience, not only for him but also for the HCS team. It was an exciting opportunity to rally together to showcase our skills and services, from administrative & managerial to hands-on site experience.

We all at HCS understand the importance of educating our future generation, helping them to understand and extend their future career options to include the lesser-known building surveying industry. In past events, we have participated in school/youth group career conventions and hope to continue these opportunities.

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